Foot Fetish Massage

"Foot Fetish" erotic program is an addition to any of the massage techniques available in Caramel salon.

Cost of "Foot Fetish" addition - 900 UAH.

Are you looking for new sensations from your massage? Do you desire to experience new emotions and enhance the effect of your erotic massage? The "foot fetish" is the technique that will give you the ginger you want. The main feature of this erotic program is in the manner of treating your body ... Our masseuse will perform an erotic massage with her feet that will bring you an indescribable pleasure.

Gentle trampling of your body, massaging your feet ... an erotic part of the program will also please our guest by giving him many other delights. At the final stage the charming girl will stimulate your erogenous areas with her feet which will contribute to a more complete and saturated ecstasy.