Hookah Massage

Duration of Hookah Massage in Kiev – 1 hour

Cost of Hookah Massage in Kiev – 900 UAH

Smoking hookah just before a massage session in Caramel Salon in Kiev will provide an extra relaxation. This method of smoking is the safest of all known. The smoke from hookah has a high rate of humidity so it does not tend to over-dry the throat. It also has tantalizing, alluring aroma. It is possible to enjoy hookah technique just being in the room where the smell left after hookah smoking is still felt. You will feel light dizziness and relaxation throughout your body. Hookah massage involves slow movements and erotic massage that a beautiful masseuse will perform for you. Choose your favorite flavor of tobacco and enjoy a double pleasure. Feel the inner peace and serenity and let everything that does not give you this sublime pleasure stay far behind.