Maximum Gold Relax

Duration of "Maximum Gold Relax" erotic program in Kiev - 1 hour 30 minutes
Cost of "Maximum Gold Relax" erotic program in Kiev - 1500 UAH.

"Maximum Gold Relax" is another erotic massage technique available with Caramel. It aims to increase your sexual potential through materialization of your erotic fantasies. Playing on your sensations is put in the basis of this technique –blindfolded you cannot see but feel, your senses are sharpened ... Right now every inch of your body is extremely sensitive!

Barely perceptible touches all over your body, gentle stroking of your erogenous zones, sweet wafts ... All this, of course, will awaken your sexual desire and bury you deep into unparalleled emotions. At the end of the erotic part, you will be able to experience an unlimited number of relaxations enjoying the brightest colors of pleasure!